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"Daddy, there's no way I am going to do karate, I want to sing!"

Cooperating artists

Jiřina Dvořáková-Marešová
After studying the organ at the Prague Conservatory with Josef Popelka, Jiřina continued her studies at the Musical School of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts with doc. Jaroslav Tůma. Afterwards she took courses at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg with prof. Wolfgang Zerer.
During her studies, she started to develop her particular interest in authentic interpretation of baroque music, historical instruments and organ improvisation. She took many international master courses with excellent teachers and interpreters, e.g. M. Haselböck, E. Ulmann, M. Sander, M. Bouvard, L. Lohmann, E. Kooimann, H. Franke etc.
She is a regular guest at numerous international music festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. She takes part in the project Historical Organs of Bohemia and Moravia and records music for the Czech Radio.
She has collaborated with the boys’ choir Bruncvík since 2010. She participated in all the important projects of the choir.

Jiří Stivín

Papis Nyas
Papis comes from Gambia but has lived in the Czech Republic for 20 years. During that time he has worked with numerous musicians (e.g. Alan Vitouš, Lenka Dusilová, Jaroslav Dušek, the Yellow Sisters band))
He has supported the choir’s project Africa? Africa!

Lee Andrew Davison
Born in 1950 in Oklahoma, the jazz singer Lee Andrew Davison grew up with Protestant chants, spirituals, and gospels. The son of a farmer, he attended a racially segregated primary school. After he finished his university studies in Alabama, he settled in Boston.
Drawing on the musical tradition of his family and his experience conducting the university choir, he founded a professional male gospel quartet. He later became the conductor of the Harvard University Gospel Choir.
After moving to Prague in 1991, he started working with leading Czech jazz musicians.

Kateřina Andršová
Born in 1969, Kateřina has taken interest in authentic interpretation of baroque and renaissance music ever since her studies at the Teacher Training Institute in Hradec Králové. She has taken courses in ethnomusicology with doc.Vlastislav Matoušek and ethnomusicology has become her main field of interest.
Since 2000, she has collaborated with the Czech Radio on the project of ethno-music and world music programmes. She teaches ethnomusicology and non-artificial music at the University of Hradec Králové.
Since 2000 she has also cooperated with the Multicultural centre in Prague, she has taken down scores of various ethnic songs to make them available to students, teachers and the public. Since 2004 she has lectured numerous music workshops at the Multicultural centre in Prague.

Markéta Čechová
Marketa studied piano in Vienna, both at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien and at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. She later continued her studies in early keyboard instruments (harpsichord, clavichord, organ and fortepiano) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Prof. G. Lukšajté-Mrázková) and at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (Prof. Menno van Delft). She has also developed her performance skills at master classes with J. van Immerseel, F. Lengellé, Bob van Asperen, G. Leonhardt, J. Christensen and J. Ogg, among others.
She is currently a teacher and accompanist at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. A versatile accompanist, she is frequently invited as a guest accompanist to early music courses such as the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice and the Académie de Sablé à Prague. She is the winner of several awards including an award for outstanding accompaniment at the Czech Conservatories Competition.
She regularly appears in concert both in the Czech Republic and further afield, as a soloist, chamber musician and continuo player, in the context of a wide variety of vocal and instrumental projects. She collaborates frequently with ensembles such as Hipocondria, Collegium Marianum, and Ensemble Fiorello.

Ondřej Tichý

Jiří Hodina

A renowned Gregorian Chant specialist who also works with folk music (e.g. the Marcipán choir). He regularly collaborates with the Bruncvík choir. He last helped with the educational concert entitled "Gregorian Chant".

Štěpán Mesany

This multi-instrument musician and member of the Rožmberk Emsemble has worked regularly with us since 2008.

Prague Hlahol choir

We continue to collaborate with the Prague Hlahol Choir - for instance, on the Christmas concerts.

Jiří Kotouč

A renowned specialist with old music, acknowledged singing teacher and professor at the Prague conservatory, Jiří Kotouč worked with us to prepare the Renaissance themed educational concert.

Nsango Malamu

Nsango Malamu are musicians from Congo, Angola and the Czech Republic presenting African culture through song and words.

Lukáš Vendl

An organist and specialist of Baroque music, Lukáš Vendl helped us prepare the Baroque-themed concert that was part of the "Sing, Children" series of educational concerts. Lukáš Vendl is also the conductor of the Ensemble Guillaume.

Wolfgang Saus

Wolfgang Saus is a leading European specialist in aliquot singing.

Vlastislav Matoušek

Vlastimil Matoušek is a renowned ethnomusicologist and the author of many pieces for exotic and folklore instruments.

Pavel Verner


Verner Collegium

Vokální skupina VOSK

Pavel Šmolík


Collegium Marianum

The Collegium Marianum ensemble led by Jana Semerádová is a music and dance ensemble interpreting pre-Romantic music and reconstruction of Baroque choreography. The ensemble was created and operates under the cultural and educational institution Collegium Marianum in Prague. The Collegium collaborated with the Bruncvík choir in 2006 for the Christmas performance of Resonet in Laudibus.