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"Daddy, there's no way I am going to do karate, I want to sing!"

The Bruncvík choir

The Boys‘ Choir was established in the Spring of 2006 by Lenka Pištecká who has been its choir-mistress ever since. Lenka’s engagement with the choir was another important step in her teaching career - in addition to voice training, she focuses on developing the children’s general sense of music, as well as their personality, because the child’s personality is always reflected in his voice.

Founding of the choir substantially increased the number of boys´ choirs in the Czech Republic - from four to five (the four existing ones were Boni pueri from Hradec Králové, Pueri gaudentes from Prague, Bonifantes from Pardubice, and Páni kluci from Litoměřice). Our endeavour was to move somewhat closer to the tradition in most European countries (especially Germany, Austria, or the Scandinavian countries) where boys’ choirs are not only a natural component of the national musical tradition, but also an effective social institution forming the general attitudes of the youngest male population. Through their focus on team work and closer awareness of cultural values, boys’ choirs produce honourable and cultured men.
The name Bruncvík is taken from a legendary medieval knight who is said to have won the lion for the Czech national coat of arms thanks to his courage, honour and perseverance. A famous statue of the knight can be seen on the bank of the river Vltava, next to the Charles Bridge in Prague. The name Bruncvik symbolises our effort to guide the young generation towards knightly virtues – honour, truth, courage . . .

The main aim of our choir is to make the boys sing with pleasure and enthusiasm.
Each of our projects focuses on a specific topic or musical style. In addition to public concerts, we also organise numerous concerts for schools where the boys present a variety of musical styles to their peers. They show them the way from forming the sound, through medieval and baroque music to contemporary compositions, or they take them on a trip to different cultures with American gospel, ethnic music or throat singing. Thanks to their similar age, the boys are much more successful in making the children participate and enjoy the concert.
The choir regularly collaborates with professional musicians who inspire us not only with their musical skills but mainly their personality.
The motto of the choir is THE JOY OF MUSIC

The Bruncvík Legend